Amateur's Answer Universal Liner (3 Pack) FREE UK P&P

Amateur's Answer Universal Liner (3 Pack) FREE UK P&P

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Pack of 3 - The Universal Liner fits the majority of wrought iron planters, trough, hayracks and window boxes etc on the market today..

This lining system is so easy to fit, but also gives a strong thin versatile liner for you to use year-on-year.

It enables the user to plant in the top and the sides to give the effect you are looking for. 



Each liner usually fits planters up to 48" wide (longest dimension)

Each liner usually fits all planters up to 16" from front to back.

Possible exceptions - If your planter or window box is quite deep or an odd shape inside, then you may have to measure this properly to ensure the liner fit. 

Please see other image above for maximum planter dimensions. If the dimensions are greater than the sizes detailed in the image, then a 'Special Liner' will be required.



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