Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (2 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (2 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

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Regardless if you are a novice or a professional basket maker, these basket liners will give you an excellent result.

These liners can be used to fit every type of Hanging Basket.

This selection offer includes 2 packs of 3 liners, enough to line 6 Hanging baskets.

Thes liners can even be reused next year.

Some baskets have wider gaps between bars, which can prove problematic for many other liners. However, these liners are strong and so widely spaced baskets present no problems. 

Each hanging basket liner enclosed is able to line any basket up to 16” wide.


The Amateur’s Answer Hanging Basket System come with everything you need to line your baskets.


This selection includes:

6 x Hanging Basket Liner

6 x All-Weather Bands

Full colour step by step user guides.


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