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The Amateur's Answer Hanging basket liners from Chester Baskets - the professional hanging basket liner which helps you to make the finest hanging baskets possible.....

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Want to get professional results with a different kind of hanging basket liner?

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...Not getting the advice or support you need from the 'usual' garden centre chains?


Then these are the products for you. We offer friendly advice to all, and provide the best lining system for your baskets.


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To watch our free on-line demonstration video of how to make a hanging basket - including which plants to use, how to do side planting, making larger baskets, window boxes and hay racks, how to use fertiliser, how much compost to use and when to plant.


You really should try The Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liner or The Amateurs Answer Universal Liner for your Trough, Window Box, Hayrack, Wall Basket or Manger.


Our Universal Liner which will fit the majority of wrought iron planters, trough, hayracks and windows etc on the market today.





We have used our liners on all of the following range of planters - please check if yours is listed before ordering:

Gardman Range
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05250- 20" Hayrack
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05266 - Patio Cradle
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05267 - Patio Cradle
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05252- 24” Wall Trough
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05253- 30” Wall Trough
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05254- 36” Wall Trough
  • Gardman Blacksmith 05255 - 48” Wall Trough
  • Gardman Victorian - 14” Hanging basket
  • Gardman Versailles Framed Wall trough
  • Versailles Twin Wall Basket
  • Versailles Wall Basket
  • Versailles Wall Trough
  • Gardman Hanging Basket 05200 - 10” Hanging Basket
  • Gardman Hanging Basket 05205 - 12” Hanging Basket
  • Gardman Hanging Basket 05210 - 14” Hanging Basket
  • Gardman Hanging Basket 05215 - 16” Hanging Basket
  • Gardman 2 Tier planter
  • Gardman 3 Tier Planter
  • Gardman Trough05240 - 24” Trough Planter
  • Gardman Loire Hanging basket - 14” Hanging basket
  • Gardman Wall Basket 05225 - 12” Wall Basket
  • Gardman Wall Basket 05230 - 16” Wall Basket
  • Gardman Wall Basket 05232 - 20” Wall Basket
  • Gardman Wall Basket 05234 - 24” Wall Basket
  • Gardman Georgian 05264 - 24” Patio Cradle
  • Gardman Gothic 05281 - 14” Round Hanging Basket
  • Gardman Gothic 05280 - 14” Square Hanging Basket
Tom Chamber Range
  • Hanging Basket CLC0011 - 12” Hanging Basket
  • Hanging Basket CLC009 - 14” Hanging Basket
  • Hanging Basket CLC010 - 16” Hanging Basket
  • Hayrack CLC006 - 16” Hayrack
  • Hayrack CLC007 - 20” Hayrack
  • Hayrack CLC008 - 26” Hayrack
  • Window Box CLC001 - 20” Window Box
  • Window Box CLC002 - 24” Window Box
  • Window Box CLC003 - 30” Window Box
  • Window Box CLC004 - 36” Window Box
  • Window Box CLC005 - 44” Window Box
  • 2 Tier Planter
  • 3 Tier Planter
GAP Range
  • 30” Wall Twist Planter liner
  • 36” Wall Twist Planter
  • 48” Wall Twist Planter
  • Regal 600 Planter
  • Regal 750 Planter
  • Regal Swing Planter
  • Rutland Planter
  • Oakham Basket
  • Heritage Basket
  • Gothic Hayrack
  • 35cm Snanish Hanging basket liner
APTA Range
  • MW22 Spined Hanging Basket (Set of 3) - 24cm/30cm/36cm
  • MW20 Swirl Hanging Basket (Set of 3) - 24cm/30cm/36cm
  • MW46 Heart Hanging Basket (Set of 3) - 24cm/30cm/36cm
  • MW40 High Back Wall Trough (Set of 3) - 48cm/58cm/68cm
  • MW41 Diamond Leaf - 38cm
  • MW55 Square Wall Goblet - 33cm


About Us

We've been making Hanging Baskets for over 25 years at our Nursery near Stokesley in North Yorkshire. We've always needed to get professional results for our customers but were so disappointed with the quality, usability and results we got from the 'normal' coir and moss hanging basket liners that were on the market. We've tried lots of the gimmicks, new innovations and wonder products that claim to give you the best  hanging basket results but were not impressed.

As a result, we developed our own hanging basket liner in 1996 - The Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liner.

Since then we've used this liner in all of hanging baskets we have made up as well as selling the liners directly at our Nursery, on the internet and at garden shows throughout the UK.- so you can get your own professional results. 


We have used the Amateur's Answer hanging basket liner in our baskets and over the years have supplied tens of thousands of baskets to gardeners, pubs, restaurants and local councils. We were featured on ITV in 2009 - sharing a programme with Sir Alan Sugar - where we were talking about our stunning hanging baskets and our special liner.


Hanging Baskets are our business - so we've included some instructions, hints and tips on how to plant a hanging basket using a liner, what plants are best for hanging baskets and what types of different hanging basket liners are available on the market.

If you're not sure - then don't worry contact us for free advice on hanging baskets and the best way to use our hanging basket liners, the best plants to use and how to care for your hanging baskets !





The next generation of hanging basket liners...

John retired in 2017, from running the garden nursery and selling hanging basket liners. The Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners are now being sold by his Son and daughter-in-law. The latest version of this popular hanging basket liner is now sold by the family under the Amateurs Answer name on a sister website;

You are welcome to buy your Amateurs Answer liners from either site.


We hope you'll continue to enjoy using this special hanging basket liner.





Take a look at some of our demonstrations...

  •  Slideshow for ideas for your Basket

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  • Watch a demonstration of a 36"/ 90cm Gardman Window box, Wall Trough, Hayrack, Manger etc.

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  • Watch a demonstration of a 16" basket being made up with large plants

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  • Watch a demonstration of Side-Planting a hanging basket

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  • Watch a demonstration of a Laura Ashley, hooped top Hanging basket

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  • Watch a demonstration of a Spanish styleCone shaped Hanging basket

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  • Watch a demonstration of a very large basket being made up (up to 36" > 90cm diameter)

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How do our Hanging Basket Liners compare to others on the market?

Why do our hanging basket liners make the best displays ?

Our special hanging basket material is easy to handle and can be used with a wide range of wire, plastic, wrought iron baskets, hay racks, mangers, planters and window boxes.

This means your basket will hold more compost with our hanging basket liners

.... more compost = more moisture retention = more root room = more nutrients = better performance = beautiful baskets !

Our liners also make it easy to plant the sides so you can create interesting displays such as busy lizzie "ball" baskets.

Can be be planted with flowers or fruit such as strawberries and tomatoe


Why do we think our hanging basket liners are the best?

There are many Garden or Yard Hanging basket liners on the market ranging from traditional sphagnum moss to the modern synthetic materials. Listed below are some of them and an idea of what they are like when put to use.


Sphagnum moss hanging basket liner

Pros - Looks good

Cons - Expensive, not re-usable and difficult for beginners to use and handle. Loved by birds for nesting material


Pre-formed wood fibre hanging basket liners

Pros - Reasonable appearance, easy to use - holds compost well, re-usable

Cons - Difficult to plant through sides and make holes


Foam rubber hanging basket liners

Pros - Holds compost quite well. Easy to plant top, sides not so easy. Re-usable. Cheap

Cons - Poor appearance


Wool moss hanging basket liners

Pros - Easy to plant up

Cons - Untidy appearance, not re-usable, needs a lot to hold compost well and used by birds for nesting material


Coco fibre hanging basket liners

Pros - Pre-formed so easy to fill and holds compost well. Nice appearance and re-usable. Prone, after hanging out, to be stripped bare by birds for use as nesting material

Cons - Expensive, side planting is difficult and birds strip the material to use for nesting !


Supermoss hanging basket liners

Pros - Holds compost well. Easy to fill and plant top. Side planting OK until you need to cut through an overlap in material. Nice appearance. Prone, after hanging out, to be stripped bare by birds for use as nesting material

Cons - Expensive


The Amateurs Answer hanging basket liners

Pros - Holds more compost than a typical liner. Easy to plant both sides and top. Can be used on all basket types. Excellent appearance. Re-usable. Ease of use; Fast, neat and easy for amateur or professional use.

Cons - well, we're biased but we've been in the business over 20 years and feel our liners are the best.... If you don't think the same then return them with our money back guarantee.


Our  NO QUIBBLE  money back guarantee!

We're so confident that you'll get great results and a professional hanging basket that we'll offer a NO QUIBBLE guarantee on all of our hanging basket lining products.

If you're not satisfied with the results then return your liners within 30 days - used or unused - for a full refund !

How many garden centres are so confident about their product that they'll offer this kind of guarantee ?




What do our customers say about our Hanging Basket Liner ?

We've received a lot of compliments over the years about our hanging basket liners and have thousands of loyal customers who come back to us each year to buy more of our hanging basket liners.

Here are some comments from customers:


"Fantastic to use"

" I will never use anything else from now on"


"The best set of instructions I have ever seen" - Garden Centre owner

"They work well through a heat wave, with temperatures up to 40C"

But don't take their word for it - try them for yourself with the benefit of our money back guarantee!


How to make up a hanging basket

After fitting your hanging basket liner (To watch our demonstration go to YouTube  ) it is helpful, when making a basket up for the summer season, to place a 12" or 14" diameter piece of polythene in the bottom of the basket which will act as a reservoir. (Do not use this in a winter basket as root damage will occur should the stored water freeze.).

Use a good quality multi purpose potting compost to fill your basket. When using sphagnum moss fill to one third of depth and insert about six of the plants you have decided to use, spacing them equally around the perimeter. At this stage it is advisable to add one of the many slow release fertilizers which are available. Most fertilizers are soluble, so that each time you water your basket you will wash out (waste) some of it. Slow release fertilizers on the other hand, have the fertilizer sealed within a resin shell which releases it gradually over a long period through micropores in the resin casing. Overwatering should have no effect on the release period. Slow release fertilizers can be obtained to give 6/12/18 and 24 month release periods to suit various purposes. 6 month being ideal for a basket, tub or other container planted up for summer in the UK.Soluble fertilizers can give even better results but these require constant monitoring, so devoted care is required, when using them, to obtain the best from your basket.

Wetting agents can be added to the compost when making up (or later as a top dressing). We have had very positive feedback from our customers since we started using our formulation. Many of our clients are working couples who are unable to water during the day. On a very hot day a basket filled with Surfinia petunias in full bloom, for instance, can require 3 or even 4 waterings in order to keep the compost moist. When this water is not applied, the compost tends to dry out from the centre and form a crust and when water is applied it tends to run off the top surface and over the sides, giving the impression that your basket is well watered, when in fact it is still very dry internally. A good wetting agent allows water to flow through and be absorbed by the compost.

Water retaining gel's can also be incorporated into the compost. These gel's usually come in crystal form and can soak up over 100 times their own volume of water. They should be used sparingly otherwise you could find your footpath, below where the basket hangs, covered in a gelatine-like substance which is very slippery and could cause an accident to the unwary. These gel's do have their benefits but do not let them give you a false sense of security where you think you can avoid watering. Regular watering is absolutely essential.

When planting your basket do not, as many beginners do, try to create an "instant" basket. Each plant that you use will need time, space and sufficient light to reach their potential so leave a minimum of 2 ins. (50cm) between plants.



Growing on and aftercare

After planting up your basket you should water it thoroughly, this will settle the compost around the roots of the plants used. Then place your creation on a large plant pot or small bucket for a week or two to establish. This should be in a sheltered place, preferably a heated glasshouse with a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Centigrade.To encourage root growth, give no further water until the plants start to show signs of wilting. When this is observed, water well and then carry on watering on a routine basis.

The climate in the UK prevents the hanging outdoors of baskets, made up with tender plants, until late May in the south to early to mid June in the far north, as overnight frost can devastate your creation. To extend your display season you will need the use of a glasshouse with a heating system to, at least, maintain frost-free temperatures. Make the basket up in late March to mid April and by the time the frosts have passed your basket should be very well developed and make an instant visual impact on it's new surroundings.

Depending on the position where you hang your basket (i.e. full sun , shade ) you should expect to water it every day. On extra hot midsummer days this may need to be increased to two or more times per day. If you have used slow release fertilizer in your basket, it may be beneficial, especially later in the season, to give the plants in it an extra feed with a soluble fertilizer which is taken up through both leaves and roots. With certain plants such as the Surfinia range of petunias and Pansies an acidic soluble fertilizer should be used. With the surfinia's, around mid season, it does no harm whatsoever to cut back up to one half of the growth . This encourages new shoots to grow and within a week or two your basket will have a fresh new look to it. Such is the vigour of this fabulous range of plants.

Care should be taken with certain plants, such as Impatiens, not to overfeed as these plants have a low tolerance to salts.

Baskets made up in March ( northern hemisphere) using slow release fertilizer should be monitored from August onwards to ensure that they are receiving sufficient nutrients. Dullness and yellowing of leaves is usually a good sign of this deficiency. If this is observed, commence liquid feeding at three day intervals to keep your baskets performing until the frosts bring the season to a close.

When (or before) the frosts have done their damage, many tender perennials such as Geraniums, Surfinia petunia's, Fuchsia's etc. can be taken out, re-potted and overwintered (free of frost) for use next year. Whilst doing this, further savings can be made by taking cuttings and propogating them to increase your stock. A hanging basket made up with trailing Begonias can be kept intact (subject to the lining material being suitable) and re-used the following year. All foliage should be cut back level with the outer rim of the basket, all dead leaves and debris should be removed from the surface of the compost and the basket should be stored in a frost free glasshouse. Watering should be kept to a minimum through the winter and in the Spring when new growth starts to appear, bore a few holes into the compost with a 1" diameter stick (broom handle) then pour fresh slow release fertilizer into the cavities made  Top up the compost to the brim of the basket and then continue as if it was newly made.



What are the best plants to growing in hanging baskets ?

Go to our hanging basket ideas video on YouTube where you will see most of the plants listed here used in hanging baskets.


Flower colour




Blue flower/ pink eye




Yellow daisy



Bacopa Blizzard



Pale Blue

Deep Blue

Tiny white, Blue & Lilac










Begonia Semp.

Begonia Trailing

Bidens Samsara


Mixed colours

Golden Yellow

Upright, can be grown in "ball" or good filler plant

Slow starter but superb when grown on

Trailing. Less vigour than Aurea






Blue daisies/Yellow eye

Many colours

Trailing. Feathery foliage



Candy and other pink shades

Semi trailing.Bronze foliage




Trailing. Trumpet Flower


Cuphea Compacta

Bright Pink

Compact. Finely cut foliage




Trailing Foliage/Foil



Many colours

Semi-trailer. Long flowering.


Felicia Variegata


Blue daisies/ Yellow eye

Many colours

Semi tr. Varig. Foliage

Trailing & Semi.



Geranium upright

Geranium Ivy leaf







Many colours

Many colours


Foliage plant.  Gold, Silver &Variegat.

Many colours

Many colours

Good top filler

Excellent and versatile trailer

Excellent and versatile trailer

Superb especially when grown in a ball. Need less plants to get better performance







Lamium Gold/Ann.


Green/Yellow &white foliage


Lobelia Ricardii ;

Blue star




Seed grown varieties



Petunia. Surfinia, Supertunia.





Bright deep blue

Sky blue

Deep Blue


Many colours


Many colours

Many colours

Yellow. Deep green foliage.




Trailing/long lasting

“ “

“ “

“ “



Upright. Good filler.

Vigorous trailer

Vigorous trailer
















Pink,Violet, White &others

Many colours

Vigorous trailer with fine foliage

Upright. Good filler.




Want some more advice on hanging baskets?

Each pack of Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liners comes with an illustrated instruction guide on how to plant, make up and grow hanging baskets. However, if you want some further advice then please contact us.



Frequently asked questions....

How do I buy the Amateur's Answers Hanging Basket Liners?

Each pack of Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liners comes with an illustrated instruction guide on how to plant, make up and grow hanging baskets. Click here to go to our product page to buy our hanging basket liners. However, if you want some further advice then please contact us.


What basket sizes do the liners fit ?

The liners can be cut to size and are easy to handle so can fit a range including 10 inch hanging basket, 12 inch hanging basket, a 14 inch hanging basket or 16 inch hanging baskets - in either plastic or metal basket frames. These hanging basket liners will also fit quarter round internal corner wall baskets, half round wall baskets and hayracks and three quarter round external corner wall baskets. One liner fits all !


What payment methods doyou accept ?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Postal Orders, PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards - just click here to go to our product page.


Will you post internationally?

Yes we will post our hanging basket liners internationally, except for the US and Canada !

In the past, we have sent our Hanging Basket Liners all over the world - including New York in 3 days, Texas in 4 days , Colorado in 4 days, China in 8 days, Sydney in 6 days, Melbourne in 6 days, The Netherlands in 4 days, Albania in 5 days, New Zealand in 6 days, Croatia in 4 days, Greek islands in 6 days, Switzerland in 4 days, Germany in 4 days, France in 4 days, Norway in 4 days, Portugal in 4 days, Brazil in 6 days and more ! Contact us directly for a quote on international shipping prices.


How much does delivery cost ?

Delivery is free in the UK. Please ask for quotation for International deliveries of hanging basket liners.


How long does delivery normally take?

We pride ourselves on a prompt and efficient delivery service. For UK deliveries you should have your Hanging Basket Liners within 3 days of your order from this website, however due to changes within Royal Mail, we can not guarantee this. International deliveries will take longer but typically happen within 7 days.


How can I get help on using Hanging Basket Liners ?

Contact us for help with any aspect of advice on hanging basket flowers.



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Amateur's Answer Universal Liner (3 Pack) FREE UK P&P

 3 x Universal liner. Fits troughs, planters or window box up to 48" wide. .


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Amateur's Answer Universal Liner FREE UK P&P

1 x Universal liner. Fits troughs, planters or window box up to 48" wide. .


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Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (1 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

3 x hanging basket liners. Fits any hanging basket up to 16 inch basket.


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Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (2 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

6 x hanging basket liners. Fits any hanging basket up to 16 inch basket.


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Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (3 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

9 x hanging basket liners. Fits any hanging basket up to 16 inch basket.


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Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liners (6 x 3 pack) FREE UK P&P

18 x hanging basket liners. Fits any hanging basket up to 16 inch basket.


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Slow release Fertiliser (3 pack) FREE UK P&P

Slow release Fertiliser - enough for 3 x baskets up to 16 inches. N.B. This product is only available for shipping to UK addresses and cannot be posted approach abroad due to the bulk/weight.

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Slow release Fertiliser (6 pack) FREE UK P&P

Slow release Fertiliser - enough for 6 x baskets up to 16 inches. N.B. This product is only available for shipping to UK addresses and cannot be posted approach abroad due to the bulk/weight.

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Amateur's Answer Special Universal Liner FREE UK P&P

1 x Special Universal liner. Fits troughs, planters, window boxes or hanging baskets that are EXTRA LARGE


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